Unite Cupertino

Counter the WBC's hateful protest on Wednesday, 10/19.

Submit an Idea

Here’s the deal: the WBC feeds off of attention they get from people reacting to their hate messages; if we react angrily in protest, they “win” because we’re giving them what they want — attention. However, if we completely ignore them, we’re letting them succeed in their protests and they will still continue to spread hateful messages. Another point to consider is that they have the money to sue us for anything that could be considered illegal. Obviously this means our actions must be non-violent, but this also means that they can sue us if we carry signs that insult the WBC (they could consider these to be “slander”).

So what should we do to beat the WBC? A plan to hold a silent counter-protest is currently being run through Cupertino High School’s administration team. The details are still being decided, but if you have any creative and effective ideas, submit them here we can pass them on to the CHS students who are planning the counter-protest.

If you would like to submit anonymously, put “anon@anon.com” as your email, and “Anonymous” as your name.