Unite Cupertino

Counter the WBC's hateful protest on Wednesday, 10/19.

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MAJOR CHANGES to the counter-protest event

Apparently the WBC has just decided to relocate to Tino’s bus circle zone, the area where we planned to counter-protest (the sidewalk outside of the bus circle is considered to be “public property”). It would be dangerous for all of us to continue the counter-protest directly in front of them in the bus circle, so we will be moving to Tino’s Quad, which is inside the campus.

For those of you who were in favor of ignoring them, please consider attending this updated event! We will not be giving the WBC the attention they want, but we will still celebrate the peace and love of our community in the form of a unity rally in the Quad, safe and away from the WBC

Here is the updated information from the Facebook event:

From 8am-8:05am we will hold a silent protest in the quad.
Following the silence, there will be plenty of entertainment including:
Monta Vista’s 2012 Homecoming Cheer Team
Cupertino 2013 Group Dance
Cupertino 2012 Boys Dance
Cupertino Capella Choir
CHS Cheer Team
and lots of lots of Music!

Any High School student, Parent or Alumni will be welcomed with love onto the Cupertino Campus.

We are also trying to contact the DeFrank Center (an LGBT group that the WBC hates) to see if we can have a representative come out so we can start a fundraiser!

More details will be posted as they become available!

A video of today’s assembly at Cupertino can be found here.

Sorry for the sudden changes, but we still hope to see you there. The same rules and guidelines apply from the previous plan.

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FINAL PLAN for the WBC Counter-protest

This is the overall plan: Silent protesting from 8:00am-8:30am, peaceful performances (i.e. positive songs, dance) from 8:30am-8:45am. Wear purple.

  • Even though the WBC isn’t coming until 8am, plan to arrive by 7am so that we enough time to organize ourselves. If you arrive a little later, keep in mind that you might get stuck in heavy traffic.
  • Ms. Tomberlain (Tino’s principal) will go over the general guidelines of the counter-protest and song lyrics will be distributed, so again, make sure you come early.

We also wanted to stress that this is a non-violent, peaceful counter-protest.

  • The members of the WBC know their rights inside and out. As sick as it may seem, their actions are completely legal. On the bright side, this means that they will not physically harm us or commit any crimes that may get them sued.
  • Instead, they will try to piss us off until we lose our temper. It will be hard, but whatever you do, do not confront them; they will sue. This group has triumphed in a Supreme Court case; the judicial system is nothing new to them.
  • Their comments/signs will offend you. If you haven’t already familiarized yourself with a typical WBC protest, watch videos (like this documentary) to desensitize yourself to their picketing style.
  • If you want to make your own sign, do not directly insult the WBC. We only want to send positive messages, so instead of putting them down, make signs that support the people and values they hate.

If you are coming from a school other than Cupertino High School,

  • Park at Vallco (in the Sears parking lot) so that there is less traffic on our way back to school.
  • If you can legally drive other people, try to take as many underclassmen as possible.
  • Monta Vista specifically, I expect to see all of you in purple! (Not because it’s our school color, but because it’s the color for anti-bullying). Bring extra purple shirts to lend to other students who may not wear as much of this color as we do.

Stay posted for updates and further details, and spread the word!.

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Anonymous asked: To all those who say we should ignore WBC entirely, rather than giving them the attention they seek, you're probably right. However, it's a little late for that. Next best thing? Join the peaceful silent counter-protest to show them that their hate will not break us. The counter-protest will happen whether or not you personally attend, so why not go and make it that much more of an impressive show of Cupertino's strength?


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Anonymous asked: It's on Wednesday morning right? Don't we have school?

Cupertino and Monta Vista definitely both have late start Wednesdays; I’m not so sure about the other schools. I think Lynbrook and Fremont do too? It looks like Homestead starts at 7:50am though :(

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Why we shouldn’t ignore the WBC protests

Several students have argued that the most effective way to counter the WBC would be to ignore them completely, rather than to give them attention by angrily responding to their hateful messages. I’d like to point out that the students organizing the silent counter-protests against the WBC have considered this option, but they do have legitimate reasoning for choosing not to ignore the WBC’s visit to Cupertino High School.

By counter-protesting, we’re not expecting the WBC to suddenly change their views and start campaigning for peace; whether we ignore them or not, they will continue on their mission to spread hate. But consider this: if we choose to ignore their protest at CHS, are they going to turn around and fly back to Kansas? No. By ignoring their 8am protest at CHS, we’re simply giving them another hour to relax until their next appointment — their 9am picket against the “Celebration of Life” for Steve Jobs at Apple. Why should we give them this break? If they want to waste their time trying to share their hatred with us, it’s their problem! All it means is that they will have less energy to spend in their protest against Steve Jobs.

Also, remember that this is a silent counter-protest. The WBC wants us to be offended by their hateful messages; they want us to feel worthless and to cry, to get angry and to insult them back, to attack them so they can sue us and get more money. Unfortunately for them, these are not the types of reactions they will receive from us. By being silent, we are sending them a stronger message. We’re letting them know that we are unaffected by their protest, and their ignorant hateful messages are not enough to bring us down.

Silent counter-protesting is the perfect balance between completely ignoring them and angrily reacting to them. It shows them that we have the courage to withstand their offensive comments, yet we have the maturity to keep ourselves composed and indifferent towards their protesting. We are high school students, we are teenagers. They expect us to either hide in our homes and classrooms, or to lose our composure and try to fight them back. Let’s prove to them that we’re better than that.

On their picket schedule, they said that we, the children of Cupertino, “have no hope, no future, no heaven, no God, no peace!”

They are wrong.

Our hope is to come together as a community to prove that we are stronger than this closed-minded hate group, and our future is one without prejudice, one where the indoctrinated children of the WBC grow up to realize that better opportunities lie beyond the hateful teachings of their parents. We don’t all agree on whether or not we have heaven or God, but the beauty of it is that we are tolerant enough to accept the diversity of religions practiced in this city.

We will have to give the WBC acknowledgement; they unknowingly gave our community the chance to become more united than ever. We will not ignore their protests on Wednesday — we will follow through with the silent counter-protests because we, the children of Cupertino, are here to bring peace.

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Anonymous asked: I think you should include a post about why it may be better to counter-protest rather than just ignore it completely. (Since the wbc will be getting the mass of attention that they want if there is a counter protest)

Good point! I’ll make a post about that soon.

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callmelampshade asked: i think this is a great idea! its really sick that this 'church' is planning on doing this. disgusting.

Agreed; it’s a shame they label themselves as a ‘church’. By “spreading God’s hate,” they’re giving people the wrong idea about Christianity and even other religions that worship God.

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Anonymous asked: where's the follow button?

If you’re logged into your Tumblr account, the “Follow” button should be in the top right-hand corner of this page, left of the “Dashboard” button.